Upcoming Projects - Kaila Drayton Photography

Engage Globally and Monteverde Conservation League

Content Creation in Costa Rica

In September 2017, I will travel with Engage Globally to Monteverde, Costa Rica. In Costa Rica, Engage Globally partners with the Monteverde Conservation League, a community organization that conserves the Children’s Eternal Rainforest (CER). This forest was purchased primarily by children, from over 40 nations, who collected spare change in the late 1980s and early 1990s. Today, the community protects over 50,000 acres of highly biodiverse forest. Engage supports environmental education programs at the CER including: funding of a full-time environmental educator, field trips of students from local schools to visit the forest and to study environmental science, conservation education at local schools and with community groups, and conservation education to tourists visiting the forest.

I will be visiting and photographing a few of these environmental education projects in order to create photographic content for both Engage Globally and the Monteverde Conservation League for use on their websites, fundraising materials, and donor updates. 

I will be blogging about this trip, as well as posting photos toInstagram, so follow along for updates!

National Geographic

In March 2018, National Geographic will be funding my photography education project in Northern Ghana with a focus on empowering youth and encouraging environmental awareness and conservation. This project will be conducted with the assistance of Engage Globally, a US based NGO and their Ghanaian partner, Capacity Rural International. These organizations work on community-led education in six rural communities.

The project has four main goals:

1. To share photography and age-appropriate skills with community members including elementary school youth, middle and high school youth, and community leaders including a women’s group.

2. To teach photography through an emphasis on natural resources and conservation. We will participants to photograph the ways in which the land, weather, and natural resources impact their everyday lives.

3. To take the older youth on their first-ever trip, to Mole National Park. This park is used primarily by international tourists, and our trip will enable Ghanaian youth who live less than 90 minutes away to experience Ghana’s wildlife. Here the youth will have the opportunity to photograph their country’s wildlife and natural resources, and to learn how their actions can have a positive impact.

4. To utilize photographs taken to tell stories from the perspective of these community members and youth. I hope these stories will raise awareness about Ghana and the value of youth education and empowerment.

To learn more about this project, please visit our website: http://envirophoto.weebly.com 

I will be posting photos and blogs of this project in March. In the meantime, follow me on Facebook and Instagram to stay up-to-date on the project planning process!

National Wildlife Federation

Content Creation and Workshop

As an NWF employee, I will be working with our regional office in Texas to create photographic content for their website, social media, donor materials, etc. I will be photographing whooping cranes as well as a myriad of other birds found along the Gulf Coast. I will then travel with part of our Gulf Coast team to capture how people interact with nature along the Gulf Coast. 

The trip will culminate in a training session that will cover tips and tricks for capturing engaging photos. If you or your organization are interested in a similar content creation and training session, please contact me at info@kailadrayton.com. Follow me on Instagram to see photos from this project in November.

Project update: the blog on whooping cranes, featuring my photos, can be found here