I work with organizations to produce project-specific photographs that are later used on webpages, in blogs, on marketing and donor materials, etc. Unlike stock photos, the images are created with the specific needs of the organization in mind and can be used by the organization in perpetuity. 

I worked with the National Wildlife Federation (NWF) to photograph wildlife, living shorelines, and storm damage from Hurricane Harvey.  NWF needed photos of whooping cranes for an upcoming blog. The stock images they found either did not have the right licensing, did not capture the behaviors the blog would be addressing, or were not of professional quality. I worked with NWF's Gulf Restoration team in Texas to produce the specific images they needed for use in their blogs as well as donor newsletters. 

After I spent 3 days creating content for NWF's Gulf team, I visited their Texas office to present the images to staff and to teach them how they too create compelling images. 6 months later, I returned to Texas to present my images at a fundraising event. 

During my recent trip to Ghana to teach environmental conservation through photography, I also produced content for both Engage Globally and our Ghanaian partners, CRI. The images produced will be used on the website, newsletters, donor materials, and fundraising events. 

While in Ghana, I worked with staff members of CRI to teach them how to produce their own photographic content. We went over the basic principles or lighting, composition, and perspective so that they can capture engaging photos on their cell phones.